With Mental Coaching you will achieve your personal goals in you career, in your sport, and in your life

Zest for success?

Then you will benefit from my rich life experience to achieve your own personal success

Success is very individual and almost all of us have a desire for success. For one person, success can be passing an exam, for another, being promoted, or finally making a decision or breaking an old habit. It can also be a joint success, as a sports team, as a music group, in a professional team to achieve a goal or simply to make a positive change.

Mental coaching for sports, work and everyday life is just the right thing to help you discover your personal resources and thus transform your own potential into your personal success. By the way you learn a lot about yourself, increase your resilience – and become well prepared for future life situations.

Mental Coaching for your professional success

What is your next professional goal? Which personal traits would you like to become top at?

Whether it is the next salary meeting with your superior, the upcoming presentation to an audience or dealing with a restructuring in the company – mental strength is one of the most important skills for assertiveness and professional success.

It is one of the most important prerequisites for transferring professional experience and academic training into a professional career, dealing with failures and disappointments, as well as providing sovereign assessment of situations in order to (re)act correctly at a given point in time.

Mental strength can be acquired like (almost) any other skill. It requires a willingness to improve oneself and to work on yourself, as well as a certain ambition to simply become “just a little bit better” than the rest.

Mental Coaching for your next medal

What is your next dream to achieve in your sports activity?

In sport there are a myriad of situations that require mental strength…

  • Have you ever started as the last starter in a team competition and victory or defeat depended on your result?
  • Do you know the butterflies in your stomach before the start of an important sporting competition?
  • Do you know how you manage to achieve your optimum performance at a certain point in time without exhaustion on the way there?
  • What to do with an injury or a totally unsuccessful start?
  • A certain amount of excitement is good to perform at your best, but how much is too much?
  • How do you get rid of negative thoughts that rob your concentration?
  • What techniques are there to be able to translate good performance from training into competition?
  • What does it take, as an amateur with less time for technical training, to successfully compete with professionals?
  • What makes a successful athlete better?

If you ask yourself these and other questions, then you are already a good athlete, because you question yourself and, with that, have already taken the first step to success. Mental Training helps you to define your sporting goals, to plan and to prepare for the situations you have to cope with on your way to success.

Mental Coaching to turn your life into a success story

What will you be proud of towards the end of your life?

Mental strength helps us in all situations. Inner distance allows us to view things from a distance with certain serenity – and helps us not to take ourselves too seriously, or where we really have to take ourselves seriously, to do so – but then quite consciously.

Mental strength usually develops automatically over time. People with a wealth of life experience use it unconsciously to make decisions or master challenging situations.

But what if you can’t look back on umpteen years of experience and want to achieve something? Also outside of sports and profession there may be goals in life that you dream of, where you wonder how to get there, e.g. studying abroad, the trip around the world, a family, balance between family, career and leisure. At the same time, it is about failures, fears, worries and dealing with injuries or illness that inevitably always get in your way just when you don’t need them at all.