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Zest for success?
In sport, at work, in life in general?

Success is very individual and almost all of us have a desire for success. For one person, success can be passing an exam, for another, being promoted, or finally making a decision or breaking an old habit. It can also be a joint success, as a sports team, as a music group, in a professional team to achieve a goal or simply to make a positive change.

Mental coaching for sports, work and everyday life is just the right thing to help you discover your personal resources and thus transform your own potential into your personal success. By the way you learn a lot about yourself, increase your resilience – and become well prepared for future life situations.

Use mental strength for success

All our lives we learn – through education, school and professional training, sports training and the so-called school of life. However, conscious learning, in which we continue to educate ourselves, is of a technical nature. That means, we process information and learn how something should be optimal from a procedural point of view, for example the forehand in tennis, how to design a presentation in PowerPoint, or how to drive a nail into a wall.

What is often forgotten is how to optimize our own state of mind, so that we can call up what we have learned in such a way that we can completely absorb ourselves into the activity. Very often that will be at an externally determined time – be it a class test, an important meeting, a presentation or a sporting event .

This mental strength to recognize oneself, to judge oneself and to optimize one’s state of mind in a situation can also be trained. In my work with my clients, I accompany them in preparing themselves individually and optimally for their self-set goals. They develop a mental strength that allows them to perform at the desired time – but also to deal better with situations in life that are not always foreseeable.