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Zest for success?

Then you will benefit from my rich life experience to achieve your own personal success

Success is very individual and almost all of us have a desire for success. While success is something different for everyone and the thought of it is often gratifying and motivating, the road to it is often arduous and rocky. A large portion of mental strength and confidence in your own abilities are indispensable. This is the only way to perform under pressure and become successful.

As a certified Company Coach, member of the V-P-T Association of Personality Coaches, myself a businesswoman in senior management of international companies and a successful competitive athlete as amateur among professionals, I use my experience to fire your appetite for your path to success. You will learn how to transform your own potential into your personal success. At the same time, you will learn a lot about yourself, increase your resistance – often called “resilience” – and be well prepared for future life situations. I have experienced both worlds and have been successful in both – I make this experience available to you.

Coaching for your professional success

We can work together on your next professional goal using whatever means

Whether it is the next salary meeting with your superior, the upcoming presentation to an audience or dealing with a restructuring in the company – mental strength is one of the most important skills for assertiveness and professional success.

It is one of the most important prerequisites for transferring professional experience and academic training into a professional career, dealing with failures and disappointments, as well as providing sovereign assessment of situations in order to (re)act correctly at a given point in time.

Mental strength can be acquired like (almost) any other skill. It requires a willingness to improve oneself and to work on yourself, as well as a certain ambition to simply become “just a little bit better” than the rest.

Mental strength usually develops automatically over time. People with a wealth of life experience use it unconsciously to make decisions or master challenging situations.

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