Always remember that your own determination to succeed is more important than anything else
( Abraham Lincoln )

My clients are corporates, teams and individuals.
For teams and corporate clients my offer includes presentations, workshops and seminars for individual and team development.
1:1 advice and coaching is available on the topics you consider important for your own personal success, short term and long term.

Short-term interventions to develop solutions for your specific ambitions. This includes individual work on a short-term personal goal, e.g.

  • Mental preparation for an important event, test, situation, etc.
  • Defining personal goals
  • Follow-up of an event/performance/test
  • Conflict management
  • Making a decision
  • Self regulation (drive, emotion, energy, cognition)
  • Learn and apply mental training techniques
  • Develop visualization method for a specific situation
  • Understand your own values
  • Initiate change of habits
    … and many other subjects depending on personal demand…

Coaching to develop your skills and personality over time, using techniques from Mental Training, e.g. to

  • Discover your resources
  • Strengthen your assertiveness
  • Make a first impression
  • Believe in yourself and your strengths
  • Improve resilience (deal with unforeseen change)
  • Raise your self-confidence
  • Prepare for stressful situations
  • Manage your emotions
  • Deal with failure, injury, defeat
  • Improve ability to make decisions
  • Deal with conflict
  • Improve ability to concentrate
  • Leave your comfort zone
  • Stop procrastination

Presentations and workshops on topics from mental strength and personality development, e.g.

  • Mental Training – an introduction
  • Resilient for life
  • Leadership – why should anyone (want to) be led by me?
  • Attention control/ concentration
  • The power of positive self-talk
  • Visualization – the most important mental training method
  • Ambition and the joy of success
  • Success and then what?
  • No talent? – No problem!
  • Yes, I can! Self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • The inner bastard – changing your habits
  • The leap over your own shadow – Leaving your comfort zone

Duration of the events depending on demand, workshops 2h to several days

Workshops and seminars for teams :

  • Resilience and mental strength of teams
  • Conflict management in teams
  • Team composition and roles
  • Team work organisation
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Problem solving workshops
  • Development of team goals

… further programs can be created individually

How do I work with my clients?

Working with my clients is well explained in the interview that the Swiss Eventing Club conducted in January, 2019