Resilience at work

Always remember that your own determination to succeed is more important than anything else
( Abraham Lincoln )

You are ambitious and want to get ahead?
You are motivated, proactive, but also self-reflective?
You are probably standing still somewhere and that hinders you from taking the next step?

Then you are right with me!
My offer is aimed at ambitious people of all ages as well as companies and associations who want to develop themselves, their employees or their members.

The only condition is: You want to improve yourself

Resilience at work – 1:1 Coaching

Your topic

You want to manage change

You are facing unwanted changes, at work, in your environment, in familiar processes? Perhaps you are about to change jobs, lose your job or make an important decision..

You want to get ahead

You have already achieved a lot, but it should go further. You still have goals in your professional life. You want to be promoted, but at the same time you want to lead a fulfilled life besides your job.

Maybe your promotion didn’t work out the last time and/or you have received feedback that motivates you to try again

You are under permanent pressure

You are already established in the upper hierarchy of your company and are seen as a leader. But you also have one or more superiors who express conflicting expectations towards you. Cost pressure is omnipresent. Maybe you are a project manager and have to deliver to a specific date or you have sales targets. You cannot influence so many things yourself.

Your own standards are high, but pressure comes from all sides of the company. And on top of that, your family expects you to spend time with them.

You feel guilty in all directions, not least towards yourself.

My solution: 1:1 Coaching

No matter what your topic is, together we will find a way that I will go with you to bring you to your success. Often a nice side effect is that through these conversations other things that are currently occupying you in life are suddenly solved by themselves. You benefit from my life experience from my job as well as from competitive sports.

Coachings take place physically, online or by telephone, depending on your preference.

Resilience at work: Offer for corporates or associations

Your company or association will benefit from my presentations and workshops on mental strength in the professional environment. Your your employees will become aware of and use their personal resources and thus become more efficient, effective and above all more satisfied and motivated.

I will gladly come to your company or association for presentations, workshops and seminars.

You can obtain my services online at any time. I also offer a YouTube channel and online webinars. Have a look in Tab publications

… further programs can be created individually

Why me?

  • I draw my self-confidence from my “self” consciousness and I can also convey this ability to my clients, whether individuals, teams or organizations
  • I have a talent for making other people feel good about their abilities and believe in them, so that they can turn their performance into personal success in important moments
  • I leave no stone un-turned to unlock the potential in people, which often lies dormant in secret
  • It has always been important to me to see defeats and crises as something positive from which one can learn and develop
  • It is my concern to use the past as a motivator for ambition, curiosity and passion and thus achieve improvements in the future
  • I have always been able to focus on what needs to be done – instead of what should be left
  • I have a sense for judging people by their strengths instead of riding on their weaknesses. I use my ability to hold a mirror up to others to help them move forward personally

How do I work with my clients?

Working with my clients is well explained in the interview that the Swiss Eventing Club conducted in January, 2019