About Me

Nothing’s so bad it’s not good for something.
(My mother)

I have always actively helped other people to achieve their success. My clients now benefit from the fact that I can look back on more than 30 years of a steady professional career, international sporting successes in the supreme discipline of equestrian sport, eventing, as well as countless personal life experiences. Together with my positive attitude towards life, I accompany them in their careers or at significant crossroads in life.

My experience in applying mental strength in an interdisciplinary way is first-hand. I am also a certified Company Mentor (Federal Diploma of Higher Education) and Sports Mental Coach, both internationally recognised professional qualifications.

As a Professional

As a specialist and manager in IT programming, management consulting and the banking world, I look back on 30 years of professional and career experience in international corporations. Likewise, as a Coach and Mentor, I have successfully supported many people in their career planning and progression and actively helped them in their development.

Finally, in my role a superior of international and very diverse teams, I have learned humility, listening and the importance of appreciation – as well as success and failure, which go hand in hand with mental strength or its absence. Performing under pressure, dealing with unplanned changes, getting back up after failures, asserting oneself and staying true to oneself – these are my great strengths that I share for my clients’ benefit.

As a Sports person

I owe my sporting success as an amateur athlete, often in participant fields peppered with professionals, without a sponsor, but with a job at my desk, to many factors. I know defeats and how to deal with setbacks and nerve-racking injuries as well as the joy of success. However, I have learned to understand my mental strengths, being able to use them specifically in sports and also to share them with my clients for their own success.

Success stories

As a Professional

  • Leading role in Operational Risk Management since 2015
  • Member of the Senior Management in a major Swiss bank
  • 2005 – 2019 Strategy and programme management of national and international programmes in a major Swiss bank, technical and personnel management of international teams, long-standing mentor of employees, speaker at major events, head of a women’s network, member of senior management, leading function in risk management, member of the Board of Directors of a major Swiss bank
  • Various career stages in leading international Management Consultancies in the UK and Switzerland, most recently as a member of the extended Executive Board in 2004
  • Master of Business Administration in England and France (1993-1995)
  • Study of Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Administration
Victory of my Junior Riding Student and Sports Mental Coachee in the Swiss Juniors Eventing Cup 2019

As a Sport person

  • 2019
    • my Riding student and Mental Coachee wins the B+M CC Junior Cup after 5 starts, 4 victories and a 3rd rank
    • Victory in the OKV team dressage Championship with my riding club Gossau/Wetzikon
    • 2nd place in CCI** Eventing Casorate (Italy)
  • 2018
    • 6th place in the CIC* Eventing Marbach (D) – best Swiss rider in the test
  • 2015
    • first start abroad in a CNC* Eventing test resulting in victory (Dornbirn)
  • 2014 – 2019
    • several times with the team of the RV Gossau/Wetzikon on the podium in OKV Championships in dressage, jumping and Eventing at the OKV club championships, me riding as last starter in most cases
  • 2015 – 2018
    • in three of four years victory in the CC B3 Eventing test in Dübendorf
  • 2009 –
    • after more than 12 years of riding break and 20 years after my last competition first start with victory in an Eventing test (Bern)
  • 1983
    • Rhineland Champion of Pony Eventing and participation in the German Championships of Eventing and Dressage

As a normal person

  • I have found the best husband of all 🙂
  • Dealing with injuries – I can sing more than one song about them
  • Start a new life in a new country/language/culture, remaining true to myself in the process
  • Work-Life-Balance and being successful in both – the joy of success was worth the hard work
  • Fear of change – not any more…
  • Doubts that I cannot achieve something – not anymore, either – but I don’t want to achieve everything anymore 😉
  • The realization that I can never please everyone for the joy of success – and that I don’t have to