Client Feedback

Lunch event at Fides Treasury Services December 2019

“Passionate people” | Lunch learning. Thank you very much Christine Lang for this motivating and interesting lunch learning session here at Fides.
(Andreas Lutz – Fides Treasury Services, vial LinkedIn, December 2019)

“Very interesting and exciting topic! The 1h was sensibly arranged and great inputs for the personal life could be taken away”

“…I think the highest art of presentation is the humorous competent presentation. This way the learning content can be remembered for years…”

“passion and great communicative skills of the speaker”
(Feedback from the audience of a Lunch Event at Credit Suisse, December 2019)


Workshop with junior group at Homberg Stud on the topic of self-confidence (January 2020)

Hoi, it all worked 🙂 I am really excited. Both rounds zero and I was calm and knew how to retrieve everything…
Whatsapp of a customer after a tournament start (January 2020)

“another good start into the new year ! a super zero round – with a little help from my horse. you can probably hear my joy after the last jump quite well :-)”
Whatsapp of another customer after 1st tournament start (January 2020)